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Happy Thanksgiving from OrbisPay

Thanksgiving brings the perfect time for all of us to take a moment, reflect and count our blessings. It reminds us of the impact communities can have when they work towards a common cause, whether it goes back to Native Americans and pilgrims or to sailing together through the times of global pandemic.

At OrbisPay, we have always shown utmost gratitude to our customers and employees. Keeping the tradition alive, this Thanksgiving, we thank thousands of Americans in the US who have reached out to us and inspired us to create OrbisPay for their workforce. Thank you all for contributing to making OrbisPay a better company.

We understand that the start and end of fiscal years can be challenging for everyone. It is that time where employers prepare for their accounting and external audit practices, whereas employees feel financially stressed about managing the Christmas festivities along with the rest of their expenses.

While we are sure you actively seek and implement solutions to make your workplace stress-free, consider OrbisPay to take your financial wellness to the next level. This Thanksgiving, give your workers the gift of OrbisPay and help them navigate through the year-end stress-free. 

Please visit us at to learn more, and we will be happy to have a chat.

Last but not least, we wish you all a very happy Thanksgiving and the most stress-free holidays ahead! Enjoy the turkey meals, pumpkin pie, corn, and squash with your loved ones and with those who work with you and for you! Because it’s always better when we are together!

Let the festive season begin!


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